Don’t Let Your Walls be Blah

With a giant selection of surface textures available for us to print your custom imagery on, there’s no reason to have bland or boring walls.

Custom-printed wallpaper is great for corporate branding, photographic murals or to create a truly unique look for any other purpose. We can use any combination of patterns, colors, and images to make a wallcovering unlike any other. We create large full wall prints, large wall decals, large wall murals, wall mural decals, and more.

Worried about durability? Using liquid laminate on wallcoverings up to 60 inches wide, we can give them unparalleled scratch- and fade-resistance.

Many of the wallcoverings we produce are Type 2 Certified, which means they will hold up for years even in commercial environments. For environments where VOCs are a concern – like hospitals, nursing homes, and day-care facilities, we can print on a Zero VOC material using Zero VOC inks.

Give us a call to get a sample book of all the different wallcoverings available.