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5 Benefits of Latex Printing

[Healthy and Eco-Friendly Inks]

Latex printing is essential to our mission here at Colorchrome—providing you with the best possible print creations for both outdoor and indoor projects.

Besides outstanding image quality and durability, production times are drastically decreased. This reduced turnaround time allows you to receive your products quicker than if another form was used, such as solvent-based ink printing.

And another top attribute? Latex printing, which is expected to replace most ink technologies currently in use, achieves these positives while also being environmentally friendly.

Graphics companies and printing professionals are making the switch from solvent-based to latex printing at astonishing rates. Although solvent inks are still viable for many projects, latex is superior.

Let’s discuss the benefits of latex printing, beginning with the obvious question.

Benefits of Latex Printing

What is Latex Printing?

Latex printers work by using print heads to distribute water-based colors onto various media, such as canvas, vinyl, banners, vehicle graphics, printed graphics, and soft signage.

The latex works as a carrier for color pigments, and heat is applied immediately to reduce drying time. The process from beginning to end is much quicker than other methods and helps produce a superior product. Many print products are available for same-day delivery, unlike products that use solvent-based ink printing, which need 24 hours to dry before any cutting or post-printing duties can begin.

Though the process is simple, special printers are necessary to run HP Latex Inks. Below are some examples of the machines that we use:

  • HP 3100
  • HP 3600
  • HP R1000
  • HP 365
  • HP 570
  • HP Stitch S1000

1. Healthy and Eco-Friendly

Our HP Latex printers are known as the most sustainable printers on the market using GreenGuard Gold certified inks. Unlike solvent-based inks, latex inks are not harmful to the environment. Latex inks do not contain chemicals in quantities that are harmful to you or the world, making them far safer to use than solvent inks. 

That’s why our latex printing is excellent for senior living environments, eco-friendly hotels, healthy homes, hospitals, or just when you want to go green—especially when combined with eco-friendly canvases, wallcoverings, and so on.

We need to embrace these types of print technologies now more than ever. Even something as simple as printing can have an enormous effect on human life and the planet if it’s not kept under control.

HP Latex Printing vs. Eco-Solvent

Even eco-solvents are harmful to the environment and produce a health-risk without proper control. Ether-based inks are notorious for posing several threats to professionals and consumers. When eco-solvents are used, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), known to cause cancer, are released during the printing process. Therefore, solvent printers require proper ventilation. And because they are hazardous material, proper disposal is critical.

To say that latex inks do not produce VOCs would be inaccurate. However, the amount of VOCs they release is meager, and they do not require ventilation to reach occupational exposure limits. Furthermore, latex inks do not produce those annoying odors that solvents do.

latex printing helps get work done quicker

2. Speedy Delivery

The other major benefit of latex printing is how quickly the prints dry, allowing for faster delivery of the finished product—even same-day deliveries are possible. Solvent-based prints may take up to 24 hours to dry before the product can be cut or go through other processes. This allows you to get your prints quicker, and have some wiggle room if last-minute changes are needed.

3. High Image Quality and Durability

Latex printing guarantees high-quality images. Due to the nature of latex, these images are also incredibly durable and are highly resistant to scratches. Unlike solvent prints, latex prints also do not require lamination to achieve desirable durability levels for short-term use—another contributor to lower production times. 

4. Versatility for Both Outdoor and Indoor Projects

Durability and compatibility with a range of print media make latex printing perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

Below are a few examples of latex printing applications:

latex printing provides high quality images

5. Benefits with No Cost Difference

If nothing else, the fact that latex printing is cost-effective should capture your attention. Despite outperforming solvent inks in so many ways, you won’t spend more money on your prints. Printing professionals spend less time and use fewer materials to produce your finished artwork, which keeps prices affordable.

Put Latex Printing to Work for You

Latex printing is a superior method that produces cost-effective, incredibly durable, high-resolution prints or popular outdoor and indoor projects while maintaining a low environmental impact.

Additionally, production times are dramatically decreased, and during most printing projects, less material is consumed. This helps off-set costs while keeping our environment clean. Consider what that means for you and your business, and you’ll see how the benefits of Colorchrome’s latex printing go far beyond just high-quality images.