Wood Printing

From hardwood to plywood, to MDF, bamboo and more, Colorchrome has decades of experience printing, mounting, cutting, and engraving onto a wide variety of wood substrates.

With our state-of-the-art UV flatbed and CNC routing capabilities, we can direct print and cut any image you can imagine onto the highest quality wood, creating vibrant imagery with a rustic feel!

Our new high-speed industrial laser allows us to create breathtaking two- and three-dimensional engravings, patterns, and designs on wood panels, boards, or cladding. Don’t just think small, we can fit a board 4′ by 8′ on a single bed, and by paneling can create a piece of art as big as your entire wall!

Have something different in mind? Give us a call today! Colorchrome is always ready to hear about exciting new ideas and help make your vision a reality!

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