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Commitment to Excellence

Expertise.  Experience.  Superior Service.

We’re always willing to do what it takes to ensure our work surpasses your expectations – whatever they might be. Our experts will tackle any challenge and provide innovative, creative solutions to turn your vision into reality.


Our range of capabilities might surprise you so if you’re not sure if we provide a specific service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We endeavor to be your one stop shop for all art and graphic needs, big or small.

Installation: Whether you need banners dropped from a ceiling, vinyl or wallcovering applied to a surface or fine art hung on walls, we make it easy. Our experts arrive at your location with everything they need to ensure your project is on display the right way.

Kitting & Fulfillment: We provide full-service solutions to ensure your orders are properly packed and delivered safely to the correct destination(s) on time. Our capabilities include white label fulfillment, customized drop-shipping and high volume kitting.

Custom Woodworking and Fabrication: From custom wood boxes and frames to sculptures and three-dimensional art, whatever you need, we can produce it.

Edge Banding: Our edge bands are custom cut and installed to improve the durability and aesthetic of wood prints. We offer a wide variety of band materials including, PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood, or wood veneer, and can print them with graphics, patterns and logos to add visual interest and impact.

Clear Coating: To deter damage from dirt, fingerprints and more in high traffic or high impact areas, we can apply a protective liquid clear coat in the finish of your choice.

Resin Coating: Adding a hand-poured, clear resin coat can take your artwork to the next level. The resin coating seals and protects while enhancing color vibrancy and delivering a unique aesthetic that looks professional and modern.

Powder Coating: Tougher than conventional paint and emitting zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coatings can produce a much thicker coating than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.

Spray booth: Colorchrome is proud to utilize a fully enclosed, professional spray booth to add a perfect coat of paint or clear sealant to anything. Any color, any finish, any size, we can spray it.

LED lighting: Back lighting or perimeter lighting a piece adds brilliance while catching the eye of any passerby. From standard LED lighting to neon substitutes, we are happy to offer the perfect solution for your bright ideas.

Hand-embellishing: Embellishing refers to painting over areas of an image to enhance color and add brush strokes to the finished work. Embellishing techniques are as unique as the artists themselves and give prints the texture and dimension to look more like an original.

We Bring Your Vision to Life

Our specialists would love to hear your needs, share our capabilities, and start collaborating to ensure your next print project is visually exceptional.