May 16, 2017

Car Wraps: 3 Great Examples of Branded Campaigns on the Road

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With their bold graphics and eye-catching colors, car wraps are a great way to increase brand visibility and reach consumers that might not find you otherwise.

To understand just how advantageous these simple wraps really are for your small business, check out these car wrap benefits:

Impressions. Car wraps are so ‘impressive’ that they rack up a whopping 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions and an average of 8.4 million impressions a year.

Big ROI. There is a large return on investment with car wraps. With a one-time payment, you’ll be getting thousands of impressions and bringing in new customers.

Strengthen Brand Identity. As you work to establish your brand and colors in America’s visually-bombarded culture, a vehicle wrap can help imprint your company’s identity on the minds of your target consumers with large images, graphics, and bold colors.

Protection. One of the more simple advantages of a vehicle wrap is the protection it offers the company vehicle. With a little maintenance and one simple payment, a vehicle wrap can help provide a barrier between the company car and the elements.

Examples of Branded Car Wrap Campaigns

To get a better picture of just how captivating vehicle wraps can be, check out these three Colorchrome Atlanta car wraps from our vinyl wrap experts.


This Coke advertisement really pops on the side of this large box truck. Carefully wrapped in UV laminated self-adhesive vinyl, these stunning graphics were printed and wrapped to further enhance this brand’s identity and new promotions.


Easy, breezy, beautiful brand advertisement dons this Covergirl wrapped trailer. With bright colors and simple graphics, this wrap has women everywhere thinking about what makeup they’ll buy next. This trailer was wrapped using UV laminated self-adhesive vinyl.

John Deere

This tractor-trailer has the ability to attract the attention of potential consumers on the road with its bold color choices and catchy slogan. Wrapped with UV laminated self-adhesive vinyl, this tractor-trailer adds a little color to the road and brings in thousands of impressions for John Deere.

Choose Car Wraps from Colorchrome Atlanta

At Colorchrome Atlanta, our knowledgeable, experienced staff produces stunning graphics using state-of-the-art equipment and our love for color and print. We produce fine art giclee prints, vehicle wraps, museum exhibits, window displays, retail POP displays, and more.

To find out how you can take your brand for a spin today, call us at 404-321-0009 or request a quote online.

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