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ChromaLuxe Metal Prints: Creating a Higher Standard

Although we love the traditional look of art printed on paper and canvas, nothing beats the sleek and clean look of metal prints—especially to accent high-traffic areas like hospital corridors or airport concourses.

Modern and bold, metal prints also provide superior durability like no other material. These prints are designed to withstand harsh conditions, from sunlight to chemicals, both indoors and outdoors. Fade-resistant and scratch-resistant, metal prints stand up to their environmental elements.

When selecting a medium for your artwork where durability, beauty and quality are equally important, consider specifying dye-sublimation printing on ChromaLuxe aluminum. When photography professionals, museums, or art aficionados seek prints that stun for a lifetime, they regularly rely on ChromaLuxe metal prints. But first…

Cruise Ship Cabin Interior with custom cut ChromaLuxe
Cruise Ship Cabin Interior with custom cut ChromaLuxe

Why Print on Metal?

By nature, the aluminum substrate featured in our ChromaLuxe panels is much more resilient than paper or canvas. You won’t need to worry about moisture or sun damage or mishaps such as creasing, staining, tearing, or dinging the print during installation or storage. And all ChromaLuxe products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development, making them a smart choice for any public space.

ChromaLuxe prints are fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. In fact, they can be wiped down with any all-purpose cleaner and even ammonia, bleach, or acetone. That’s why so many healthcare facilities choose ChromaLuxe for their décor.

The base material of any work isn’t the only consideration. The ink on the surface is just as likely to sustain damage as the substrate itself when not handled gingerly. The element that truly makes these prints more durable is the process of infusing dyes directly into the specially coated metal surface. Following that process with a multi-layer polymer finish creates a scratch-resistant surface that ensures the piece’s longevity.

As a result, you’re investing in prints that will last for generations. Metal prints are the premier option (when endurance is a factor) whether you’re specifying art for a cruise ship, hotel, hospital, or decorating an expansive space.

ChromaLuxe metal prints: Creating a Higher Standard

Beyond Resilient

When you invest in ChromaLuxe high-definition metal prints, you get more than a piece of art that will last a lifetime. State-of-the-art ChromaLuxe metal prints offer vivid color and outstanding clarity making them just as visually stunning as they are durable.

Our advanced technology combined with high-quality materials ensures that your metal prints will turn heads. We pride ourselves on our detailed manufacturing process that allows us to create beautiful high-quality metal prints to elevate any environment.

medical center metal images

ChromaLuxe Metal Print Uses

ChromaLuxe offers metal prints for both interior and exterior displays. In all cases, these prints provide excellent fade-resistance and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals making them the perfect décor for senior living, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. ChromaLuxe is available with a special UV resistant design that allows you to hang it in direct sunlight without risk of fading – indoors and outdoors.

We can accommodate almost any size you need, from an 8” x 10” desktop image to a 48” x 96” statement piece for a lobby. We offer creative solutions for larger projects, such as connecting printed panels to reveal the overall grand image –similar to a puzzle.

Paneled Outdoor ChromaLuxe at North Station in Boston. Artwork Courtesy of Grand Image Ltd.

Our high-resolution ChromaLuxe finishes include:

  • White Gloss: Delivers a high gloss finish for a sleek look.
  • White Matte: White background with a non-reflective finish.
  • Clear Gloss: Features a transparent coating with a glossy, metallic finish.
  • Clear Matte: Provides a transparent, non-reflective metallic finish, giving it the look of brushed aluminum.
  • Textured: Tactile in appearance and feel.

ChromaLuxe metal prints for bathrooms

Are ChromaLuxe Metal Prints Right for My Project?

Whether you’re decorating an outdoor café, a hotel bathroom, or outfitting the guest rooms on a cruise ship, you simply can’t afford to overlook ChromaLuxe metal prints. Consider the space (indoor or outdoor), the traffic volume of the space (high or low), the durability and sustainability factors, etc. If you’re not sure which finish is right for your project, our team of experts is here to help. We love collaborating with our clients to find the perfect solution for their needs and aesthetics.

To learn more about ChromaLuxe Metal Printing, click here. If you have any further questions or ideas that you think Colorchrome can help you bring to life, let’s start a conversation.