May 16, 2017

Dye Sublimation: The Basics

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Dye sublimation might sound like a complicated, industry-insider term, but it’s actually very simple. It is the process of applying an image to a surface, usually metal, ceramic or cloth, by using a special ink, heat, and pressure.

Colorchrome Atlanta first dove into the world of dye sublimation in 2001; for us, it’s not just a skill—it’s an art form. Our dye sublimation products have been used in trade show booths, tension fabric structures, curtains, wall coverings, stage backdrops, banners, and more!

How Does Dye Sublimation Work?

Dye sublimation is a two-step process where graphics are first printed on transfer paper and inserted into a heat press. The image is then transferred onto the print material through sublimation, or the transition of a substance from solid to gas without first becoming a liquid.

Sublimation on Metal

Sublimation on metal is a unique and lasting way to reproduce stunning images. Because the dyes are actually infused beneath the exterior coating, you’re left with an easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant reproduction. And thanks to this cutting-edge technique, sublimated metal holds up against high heat, making it perfect for many public locales.

Sublimation on Fabric

Dye sublimation fabric printing produces beautiful reproductions with bright, fresh colors that pop. Our unique sublimation technology dyes the fabric directly, so the material itself still holds its drape and feel. Sublimated fabric can also be washed and handled without risking damage to the print.

Sublimation on Ceramic

Imaging on ceramic through dye sublimation yields picture-perfect, durable tiles that satisfy both form and function. Just like sublimated metal, these vibrant reproductions are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

Dye Sublimation from Colorchrome Atlanta

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