June 19, 2017

Eco Friendly Printing from Colorchrome Atlanta and HP Inks

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Colorchrome Atlanta has been around for over thirty years, and we plan to be around for at least thirty more, so we know how important it is to preserve our planet and its environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Colorchrome Atlanta is committed to using the newest, most eco-friendly, green, and sustainable equipment, substrates, and ink available anywhere on the market today.  When you order something from Colorchrome, you can rest easy knowing that we are doing everything we can to produce your imagery with the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

In a further commitment to these goals of sustainability, Colorchrome has scaled-back all solvent ink technology in favor of the far more environmentally friendly latex and UV ink technologies.  If you would like to do some more research into exactly what we and our industry partners are doing to make digital printing green, please Read the HP Study on the Benefits of Latex Inks.

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