Reproducing Fine Art in True-to-Life Resolution

Colorchrome’s art reproduction team is dedicated to producing the absolute best output for your art needs – and we have the equipment to make it happen. We regularly upgrade our printing capabilities and have both the highest capacity and highest quality printers possible.

Our new, state-of-the-art Cruse Large Format Scanner has more than twice the resolution of the previous model and is considered by many to be the most accurate fine art scanner in the world. With its LED light source, the new Cruse has the sharpness, resolution and color accuracy to create incredibly breathtaking scans of your original art.

We provide printing reproduction services for corporate clients, hospitality, museums, art shows and more. We can print your art on almost any substrate imaginable using giclee printing or a variety of other techniques. One of our newest art printing techniques is dye sublimation on metal – which gives a fabulous richness to the prints and makes them extremely durable for use in public spaces.

The possibilities are virtually endless. What would you like to print on?

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