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The Art of Printing Art

“At Colorchrome, we believe in the art of printing art. By offering the perfect combination of expertise, experience and technology, we’re able to provide clients with the right print solution every time – one that respects the intended purpose of the art, enhances the visual experience, and delivers long-term value.”

-John Rhodes, President and Co-founder

beautiful custom wallpaper
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Each month, The Art of Printing Art will present fresh, editorial content focused on the design trends and people impacting the printing industry. For our debut blog, we spoke to artist Faye Bell, who entered the home design market last year with the launch of her first wallcoverings collection.

With patterns named Strata, Atoll, Geode and Agate, it’s not difficult to guess the inspiration behind Faye Bell’s debut wallcoverings collection. The Atlanta-based artist explains her creativity has always been fueled by a fascination with the natural environment. She says she finds a sense of peace in the patterns that can be found in clouds, rocks, leaves and even dirt. She sees the patterns as “organized chaos” pointing out. “They are repetitive and systematic but also unique in every iteration.”

A 2009 graduate of the Pratt institute with a BFA in Interior Design, Bell initially focused on creating original artwork and selling prints to both a residential and commercial market.

Her offerings range from bold, dramatic patterns saturated with color to subtle, understated designs in muted hues. Metallic color is incorporated as an important element into many of Bell’s designs.

You can find Bell’s complete collection in select high-end showrooms around the country and on her website at www.fayebell.com. She says she plans to release new collections and patterns every few years, but for now is happy to be back in her home studio creating original art again. “I’m enjoying seeing my work being used by designers on a large scale and seeing all my hard work pay off. There are a lot of designers out there doing exciting projects and taking risks. I can only imagine where my patterns will end up.” She smiles, “Just waiting to see where it goes is exciting.”

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Understanding “The Art
of Printing Art”

We’re sharing some key aspects of the creative process to help others understand the art of printing and the importance of selecting the right printer.

Color Integrity

Bell and her interior design clients are particularly passionate about ensuring the colors in her patterns are accurately translated onto the wallcovering. “They often design an entire room around a swatch of wallpaper, purchasing items specifically to match the colors.” Having a printer with the expertise to deliver color consistency with every roll ensures she can continually meet the expectations of her clients.

Going Metallic

To achieve the silver and gold tones in her patterns, Colorchrome offered a variety of metallic wallcoverings to use as her base. By artfully combining negative space with cutting-edge white ink technology Colorchrome was able to capture Bell’s artistic vision. By choosing a printing partner with a team of experienced consultants and a vast range of equipment, Bell was able to see what was possible and choose the best solution for her needs.

The Right Ink for the Job

The choice between UV and Latex inks requires a deep understanding of the nuance between the two technologies. Colorchrome helped Bell settle on using UV inks to print her wallcovering because they offer the right mix of durability and longevity while maintaining color consistency and accuracy. This was particularly important to Bell as her collection is being promoted to clients for use on large hospitality and commercial projects.

To see more of Faye Bell’s work, visit www.fayebell.com or check out @fayekaubell on Instagram. If you’re interested in seeing more of Colorchrome’s collaborative efforts on other wallcovering projects click here. If you have an idea that you think Colorchrome can help you bring to life, let’s start a conversation.