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Laser Cutting and Etching: A Cut Above the Rest

Colorchrome’s high-tech CNC (computer numerical control) laser can handle any project from cutting clean polished edges on an acrylic piece to the most detailed etching of an intricate design. This unique service is worth exploring for your project, and we’ll tell you why.

Benefits of Laser Cutting and Etching

We specialize in creating high-impact designs and our Kern Laser system helps us do just that. Its ability to cut nearly any size and shape with ease makes it a go-to for producing custom hospitality décor and corporate signage.

Acrylic, our most popular material to laser, is known for its eye-catching polished look when laser cut. The laser’s high heat smoothes curves and polishes edges, guaranteeing a stunning result. Client installations, shown to the right, display the diverse potential for acrylic projects thoughtfully combining shape and color.

For projects taking creativity to new heights, our laser etching, engraving, and carving services can add endless dimension and texture. This laser-etched octopus measuring only 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall showcases the refined level of detail the laser is capable of producing.

What Materials can be Lasered?

Laser systems are truly unmatched in their ability to bring even the smallest details to life. So which materials can be cut or etched on the laser? We most commonly cut and engrave a variety of materials including acrylic, hardwood, plywood, MDF, paper, foam – up to 1 inch in thickness – along with steel and even leather at varying thicknesses.

Laser Cut Acoustic Panel

Recently, we have had the opportunity to produce a few out-of-the-box projects, using unique materials. With customers seizing the chance to gather in their favorite spaces now more than ever, there is an increased demand for minimizing residual noise. Working with talented hospitality designers to create an artistic solution, we laser cut this acoustic panel (shown to the right) into floral shapes for an upcoming installation. Cutting thick, fibrous material, like acoustic sound dampening panels, initially required several rounds of testing to perfect the exact look our clients envision. Now making the appropriate adjustments for each material is second nature to our technicians. In addition to acoustic panels, decorative screens laser cut from wood, metal, and colored acrylic are continuing to grow in popularity for hotel lobbies, restaurants and other public spaces. 

Laser etched birch
Laser Etched Birch

The adjacent photo is an example of how the surface etching process creates rich, gorgeous coffee-colored lines. Looking for a finished edge on your project? Laser cutting the perimeter of a wood piece naturally enriches the wood’s tone, eliminating the need for painting and staining. 

What Goes Into Your Project?

When submitting digital files for a laser project, we strongly recommend using vector files, but a simple JPEG can work as well. In preparation for the production process, our digital team sets up artwork files to include cutting paths and registration dots that the laser’s computer uses to produce projects with maximum precision. 

Wood Cladding Laser
Laser Engraved Wood Cladding

It’s no easy feat to offer laser cutting and engraving services that create an impeccable result, and we are proud to use a Kern Laser System that is both designed and manufactured here in the United States. Housing and safely operating our laser system required our production area to be retrofitted with specialty ventilation and cooling technologies. Its flatbed spans an extensive 5 feet wide by 10 feet long making even your largest projects possible.

Our laser has cut and engraved amazing projects like a fabricated set of 8 ft. tall by 3 ft. in diameter tennis ball canisters later filled with giant tennis balls, laser etched wood cladding for restaurant walls, and laser cut acrylic fish with dichroic film that now hang from the ceiling of a children’s hospital. Whether our laser is in action creating artwork from a sheet of steel like in the photo above, or carving abstract details into a piece of walnut, the opportunities for customization are infinite.

Kern Laser System

How Are Laser Services Priced?

Each project is different and we take factors like size, material, and complexity into account. Laser cutting and etching are unique services you won’t find just anywhere, and one of our specialists will work closely with you to understand every element of your vision before pricing your project.

Laser Etched Walnut Menu Boards for Restaurant Chain Salata

Colorchrome is honored to offer superior laser cutting and etching services to our clients. The endless potential for artistic detail and a sleek finished product are two of the many reasons we recommend this service for projects every single day.

Let us Help You

If you’re interested in seeing more of Colorchrome’s collaborative efforts using laser cutting and etching, click here. If you have an idea that you think Colorchrome can help you bring to life, let’s start a conversation.