Melissa O’Boyle Account Manager

Melissa’s background is in photography. She fell in love with the process in her teenage years after a couple visits to Honduras doing village reconstruction in the remote mountains. There she connected with the families and photographed their lives. In 2005, she graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from the University of Georgia. Since it was pre-digital, she learned the “old-fashioned way” shooting with medium and large format cameras, developing her own negatives and printing on enlargers in the darkroom. Melissa started hearing about Colorchrome as the place to go to get fine art prints mounted. The University purchased an Epson printer in 2004. Her senior year, Melissa learned alongside her professors figuring out how to calibrate and print digitally. She was the first student at UGA to print an exit show digitally. Melissa found her home at Colorchrome in 2007 color-matching scans to original paintings and printing the fine art giclee reproductions. She took a 5 year detour as she explored her travel-bug out west where she started a sales career in Seattle, Washington. There she worked selling offset printing services. Now Melissa is back at Colorchrome and enjoys finding creative solutions to her client’s visions.

In her personal time, Melissa enjoys family and the outdoors, making macramé window and wall hangings, and being an aunt to five amazing little ones. You can often find her with friends either enjoying Atlanta’s art and restaurant scene or taking some R&R in the mountains.

Email Address:
Phone Number: 404-713-7924