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Kristin Maryland

Account Executive

Kristin started at Colorchrome in 1994 after receiving her BFA in Sculpture from the Atlanta College of Art, but she wasn’t always an account manager. Kristin’s first job was working at the front counter, taking in film to be processed, helping customers, answering the phone, and writing up orders. Due to Kristin’s creativity, problem-solving acumen and passion for art, she soon proved herself ready to make the next step to Account Manager, which has been her role ever since.

The most rewarding aspects of working at Colorchrome for Kristin are the diversity of people she helps and talks to, being able to use her creative eye and being able to help creatively problem-solve – walking through the fine details to make the clients’ vision come to life.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys traveling, both locally and abroad, salsa dancing, and spending time with her family in New England.