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Textured Printing at Colorchrome: Industry Leading Technology

Colorchrome is at the Forefront of Printing Innovation

Colorchrome has been dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of printing innovation throughout Colorchrome’s 41 years in business. The facilities have grown to an expansive 53,000 sq. ft., with over 70 employees, and serve as the global printing and framing partner for clientele from hospitality to healthcare, restaurants, art consulting and design firms as well as individual artists. “At this point we have just about the most comprehensive offering of any printer in the US”, says John Rhodes, Colorchrome’s owner and founder.


John’s son Christian, now COO, joined the team as the company grew, creating processes and efficiencies to allow Colorchrome to continue to innovate and lead the industry. Together, John and Christian have built an environment that is conducive to the kind of collaboration and creativity needed to continue advancing and evolving.

As Christian put it in a recent What They Th!nk interview, “I want to expand it in a way that is sustainable and profitable and creates a lot of enjoyable jobs for a lot of people, and great product that our clients (and their clients) appreciate and see every day… I think it brings a lot of people a lot of happiness.”

Read the full article here, and see the What They Th!nkProfiles In Print: Colorchrome” video, detailing the history and future of Colorchrome here.

Elevate Your Artwork with Precision and Speed

Experience the future of fine art and graphics printing with Colorchrome’s industry leading innovation. Innovation and sustainability were top of mind when Colorchrome acquired its latest technological advancement: the swissQ Kudu flatbed printer. We were thrilled to house the first swissQ Kudu in North America. Using UV inks, this new cutting-edge technology redefines artistic expression, offering a range of features, like textured printing – also called haptic printing—and endless varnish and gloss options that push the boundaries of what’s possible in printing.

The swissQ Kudu newly installed at Colorchrome
Tentacles Cover Slide
swissQ Kudu printing layered texture and varnish

Tangible Texture for Lifelike Artwork

Colorchrome now has the ability to advance beyond two-dimensional graphics. With the Kudu, your prints can gain three-dimensionality, depth, and tactility. Its haptic printing capabilities add texture, brushstrokes, and dimension to your artwork, creating an immersive experience that engages not only the eyes but also the sense of touch. This innovative technology enhances fine art reproduction and retail graphics like never before.

Mosaic Candy
Drop Gloss printed on the swissQ Kudu

For art consultants seeking the finest reproductions for the walls of a boutique hospitality project, or an interior designer in need of corporate artwork that really captivates—the Kudu is for you. Our experts can print texture and add various levels of varnish and gloss directly from your provided file or our digital team can build layers into your file to create the desired texture.  We can also scan your original artwork, using our best-in-class Cruse Large Format Flatbed Scanner to capture every brushstroke, shadow and color with unparalleled definition. We can then use that scan to perfectly replicate every detail of your original in the form of a three dimensional print. Add a custom frame and cue the applause!

Printed using Droptix technology

For marketing & advertising companies and retail chains looking to elevate displays and visual communication to consumers, Droptix printing, a type of haptic printing, which adds a 3D effect, may be the perfect solution. The process infuses movement and depth into graphics, captivating viewers and enhancing engagement. From dynamic advertisements to vibrant product displays, the possibilities are limitless with Droptix. Watch your ideas come to life as we usher in a new era of interactive and stunning visual experiences.

Flawless Output with Every Print

We regularly print and frame for gallerists and museum curators so we know quality is non-negotiable in the world of fine art. The swissQ Kudu maintains this standard with a remarkable 1350 dpi resolution, ensuring that each print reflects the finest details and nuances of your original artwork. With ten color channels at your disposal, your palette becomes an expansive playground, allowing you to achieve the exact shades and gradients you envision.


The Kudu is built to effortlessly handle large volume print jobs. With an impressive combination of high productivity and first-class output, your projects will come to life quicker than ever, meeting your tight deadlines—without compromising on quality.

Versatility Redefined

Print on a diverse range of materials using minimal texture, heavy texture, matte varnish or the shiniest of glosses – and everything in between. The swissQ universal UV inks adhere perfectly to:

  • Wood
  • Stainless Steel & Steel composite (SCM)
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Canvas
  • Paper and More!
Combination of texture and drop gloss
Droptix 3D effect printing
Combination of texture and drop gloss

If your project calls for the use of fragile or delicate materials that require careful handling, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. The Kudu uses cool LED curing technology so even heat-sensitive substrates are safely printed with precision and care, preserving their integrity while producing stunning results.

Health and Environment First

At Colorchrome, we prioritize sustainable practices whenever possible. That’s why we’re proud to use VOC and NVC free swissQ UV inks that hold the esteemed Greenguard Gold certification! This means your prints are even safer for use in schools, healthcare facilities, and residential spaces. We are proud to offer sustainable products for our clients with the mutual benefit of minimizing impact on the planet.

Let us Help You

The all-new swissQ Kudu is a game-changing piece of technology thanks to its unmatched speed, flawless output, and textured printing capabilities. Colorchrome’s innovative combination of technologies, of which the Kudu is an important part, enable us to make things never-before-seen in the marketplace.  That, combined with the Kudu’s speed and accuracy, allows us to not only make these unique applications, but to do so quickly, efficiently, and while meeting our clients’ budgets.

Contact us today to experience the next level of fine art and graphics printing. If you have an idea that you think Colorchrome can help you bring to life, let’s start a conversation.