May 16, 2017

Trade Show Exhibits that Make a Statement

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Trade show events are a perfect opportunity for businesses to share their brand message with their target market. With over thirty years of experience and a wide variety of trade show display and signage options, Colorchrome can help your exhibit make a statement and attract potential customers.

These simple trade show display tips can help you make the most of your space and impact your target audience.

Consider Traffic Flow and Placement.

Whether you managed to snag a high traffic booth, or are hoping to make the best of less than ideal trade show placement, the positioning of your displays and signage is one of the keys to success. If you can, take the time to visit the tradeshow space beforehand, and determine where attendees will enter the hall and how they will move throughout the day. That way, you can position your tradeshow exhibit to take advantage of natural traffic flow.

Maintain Consistent Branding.

While you want to ensure that your tradeshow graphics are distinctive, it is important to maintain consistent branding. As you work to create your exhibit, make sure that your messaging, colors, and presentation don’t clash with your existing branding guidelines.

Don’t Skimp on Graphic Design.

As you work with your graphics company to create exhibit displays and signage, be sure to communicate how these materials will be used. If you plan to use the same trade show displays for several years, this will affect how the graphics are printed and what materials are used.

Use Lighting to Make Your Exhibit Shine.

Depending on your brand and industry, you can use booth lighting to achieve any number of goals. Accent lighting can help add texture and definition to specific products and images, while a strong spotlight can be used to create drama and capture the attention of your target audience. Speak with your exhibit designer to learn more about how lighting techniques can enhance your trade show display.

Choose Colorchrome Atlanta for Stunning Trade Show Displays

At Colorchrome Atlanta, we pride ourselves on creating unique, out-of-the-box trade show displays that attract attention and showcase your brand. Using the latest printing techniques and durable, easy-to-assemble displays, we can help you make your exhibit stand out on the busy trade show floor.

Ready to take your trade show exhibit to the next level? Contact Colorchrome Atlanta today at 404-321-0009 or request a quote online.

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