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Kristin Maryland: Artistic Visions Brought to Life

Transforming Client Visions into Reality

Colorchrome has had much to celebrate in 2023! January 15th marked not only our 40th year in business but also our most prosperous year thus far. We couldn’t be more proud of our team and all the hard work that has contributed to this milestone.  As we continue to grow faster than ever, Account Executive, Kristin Maryland, stands out as Colorchrome’s longest-tenured team member other than our founders. From her start, in 1994 at the front desk, to now creating and executing projects for prominent art consultants, interior designers, gallerists, and artists across the globe, Kristin has been critical to the success of Colorchrome. We are grateful that she has been a part of our Colorchrome family for the past 29 years!

Kristin Maryland
Kristin Maryland

Kristin’s Skills and Experience

Kristin has always been an artist at heart which led to her attending the Massachusetts College of Art and Design as a sculpture major. After two years in Massachusetts, Kristin transferred to the Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD Atlanta), where she found a more intimate setting to hone her skill set.

Kristin Maryland answering call
Kristin answering a client call in the 90’s

Maryland says, “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I first graduated college. I worked at a coffee shop and did quality control at Fleming’s of Buckhead (a high-end manufacturer of alligator belts and other leather goods), then one day, my friend who worked at Colorchrome told me they were looking for a receptionist.” She began her career at the front counter, taking in film to be processed, helping customers, answering the phone, and writing up orders. Due to Kristin’s creative abilities, problem solving acumen and passion for art, she soon proved herself ready to take the next step as an Account Executive. As Colorchrome grew and adapted to new technology, so did Kristin. Now nearly three decades later, Kristin leads her own sales team within Colorchrome and is a mentor to many of our team members. She loves to learn about materials and new techniques and she shares her knowledge freely with her clients and with our team.

What do you like most about working at Colorchrome?

“My favorite part about working in the art industry, and specifically at Colorchrome, is the creative challenges it offers.” Maryland says. “I’m also constantly surrounded by art which keeps me inspired, always ready for the next client project.”

She leans on her artistic background to help guide clients through the color management, design, and material selection process for all their projects. “Sometimes clients will come to me with a general idea of what they think they want. My job is to figure out what details we need in order to execute the project successfully and match their vision.”

At the beginning of each project, Kristin and her team make sure to ask clients for inspiration photos and any extra details they can provide. This helps our team better understand client needs and preferences.

Kristin’s Creative Process

Custom-painted topographical map
Custom-painted topographical map

“The most rewarding projects are ones where I’m able to have more design input. When I’m able to work with my clients as a part of the brainstorming process, the end result is always more satisfying.” Kristin’s clients always appreciate her ability to push boundaries and come up with new and innovative production strategies. Her exceptional listening skills allow her to determine what her clients really need even when they might not know themselves. Her sculptural background helps her piece together different materials to construct tricky dimensional projects.

Kristin, along with the help of our Special Projects team, recently engineered this topographical map (left) by layering PVC and custom painting the artwork to match a client-specified paint color. These projects involve extensive attention to detail including proofing and testing to ensure our clients get the exact result they desire. Kristin has mastered the art of these unique, dimensional projects and always enjoys the creative process leading up to the finished artwork!

The Art of Collaboration: Artist Deanna Sirlin

Kristin partners with her clients, acting as an extension of their team. Long-standing Colorchrome client and artist, Deanna Sirlin, has made a particular impact on Kristin over the years. Their synergistic and collaborative relationship has helped elevate the result of Sirlin’s large-scale art installations. Sirlin often refers to Kristin as her “guru”, given Maryland’s knowledge of machines, materials and processes.

© Deanna Sirlin, Retracings, 1999, Collection: High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, courtesy the artist

© Deanna Sirlin, Retracings, 1999, Collection: High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, courtesy the artist

“Deanna is always pushing me outside my comfort zone, wanting to use materials I wouldn’t typically recommend for the environment the project will live in,” Kristin states. “But in the end we agree on the best way to produce her artwork so it will allow the art to shine while enduring in its final setting. Her work always installs beautifully and I enjoy watching each of our projects come together.”

©Deanna Sirlin, Borders of Light and Water, 2022 (left), Palazzo Bembo, European Cultural Centre, Venice (right), courtesy the artist

Kristin’s ability to bring creative ideas to life makes her an invaluable asset to the Colorchrome team. From high volume printing and framing projects to fine art to highly technical dimensional pieces, she stands ready to tackle it all! If you are looking for a knowledgeable partner to help you produce stunning artwork, look no further. Kristin’s expertise and passion for art render her an essential resource for your next big project.

Let us Help You

If you’re interested in seeing more of Colorchrome’s collaborative efforts, click here. You can see more of Sirlin’s work @deannasirlinart and read about her process in Atlanta Magazine HOME. If you have an idea that you think Colorchrome can help you bring to life, let’s start a conversation.